Tom Leonard

PRIMARY ELECTION: August 25, 2018
GENERAL ELECTION: November 6, 2018

Tom Leonard has spent his entire life working hard to make Michigan safer and stronger.

Tom served as an Assistant Attorney General, and as a prosecutor for Genesee County, where he prosecuted some of Michigan’s most dangerous criminals while assigned to the Special Crimes Division in Flint. He established a particularly strong record in law enforcement of defending senior citizens from those people who would attempt to do them harm.

He was elected as the state representative of the 93rd District in the Michigan House of Representatives in November 2012 for Clinton County and portions of Gratiot County. He ran on a platform of standing strong for conservative principles and was true to his word in opposing the Obamacare expansion in Michigan, fighting the spread of Common Core, and voting for conservative social policy.

He has been repeatedly elected by his peers into the highest leadership positions in the Legislature. In January 2015, Tom was elected by his colleagues to serve as the Speaker Pro Tempore; second in line behind the Speaker of the House. He also served as the chair of the House Insurance Committee and was a member of the House Republican Campaign Committee. In 2016, Tom was selected by his Republican colleagues to lead the Majority Caucus in the coming term and on January 11, 2017 he was formally elected as the Speaker of the Michigan House for the 99th Michigan Legislature.

As Speaker, he quickly delivered on his promise to stand strong for conservative values by fighting for an income tax cut, passing pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment legislation, and refusing to back down to political pressure from the Lansing establishment.

Tom stood strong for conservatives, and he also demonstrated a heart for those truly in need of help. He prioritized mental health reforms and took the lead on “Kevin’s law,” which simplified the process for people seeking treatment for a family member during an emergency. He is working to solve the opioid crisis in a way that treats people as victims, rather than criminals. He continued the work he began as an assistant county prosecutor by helping protect seniors in our community who cannot always help themselves.

Tom earned his bachelor’s degree in History and Spanish from the University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law, graduating as the class president. He also received the Ralph M. Freeman Scholarship which is annually awarded to the student who most exemplifies the Rules of Professional Conduct by treating others with courtesy and respect.

Tom and his wife Jenell live in DeWitt Township and welcomed their first child, Hannah, in September 2016 after being told by doctors they would never have children. Tom is the former chair of the DeWitt Township Public Safety Committee and is an associate member of the Clinton County Farm Bureau. He is also an active member of the DeWitt Lion’s Club and the St. John’s Kiwanis Club.

Below is a brief list of some of Speaker Leonard’s accomplishments:

  • Elected Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives – 2017-2018
  • Elected Speaker Pro Tempore of the Michigan House of Representatives – 2015-2016
  • Lead sponsor of an insurance code rewrite to update and simplify the law to help consumers – Signed into law by Gov. Snyder, 2016
  • Sponsored a major mental health reform – “Kevin’s Law” – Signed into law by Gov. Snyder, 2016
  • Lead the push for comprehensive criminal justice reform –Signed into law by Gov. Snyder, 2013
  • Lead sponsor on major preliminary exam reform for Michigan’s criminal justice system – Signed into law by Gov. Snyder, 2014
  • Lead on reforming public sector pensions that will save our children and grandchildren from rising government debt – 2017
  • Selected as the “American Conservative Union’s top 40 under 40 – 2013