Daniel Shores

PRIMARY ELECTION: September 4, 2018
GENERAL ELECTION: November 6, 2018

My name is Dan Shores and I am running for the Office of Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  If you believe, like I do, that we need to bring common sense, integrity and the rule of law back to the AG’s office in our great Commonwealth, then I respectfully request your vote and financial support.

I was born in Boston and raised in a hardworking family on the South Shore in Weymouth and Carver.  My family taught me hard work and good values and helped me recognize the difference between right and wrong.  My father was a chemistry teacher in the Milton, Weymouth and Silver Lake public schools.  He then founded a logging company, where he and his workers felled white pine trees on private landowners’ property throughout southeastern Massachusetts, and sold the timber to local mills.  I was one of his workers for several periods growing up and into my college years, as a way to earn money to help support myself.

The work ethic and values I learned growing up have guided me throughout my life.  They were instrumental as I worked to put myself through both college and law school.  It was an honor to graduate from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC and to serve on its law review, as well as to have been recruited into private practice in DC following law school.  During my 13 years in DC, I climbed the ranks as a litigator at top law firms, and worked with and competed against some of the best litigators in the country.

I care deeply about Massachusetts, its people, its beautiful land, waters and shoreline. During all my time in DC, I never forgot where I came from.  That is why I decided to return home to Massachusetts several years ago.  I have been blessed ever since, meeting and marrying my lovely bride Lindsay and founding a technology-based, intellectual property law firm here in Boston.  Throughout my career in Boston and DC, I became a member of the bars of the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia.  It has also been an honor to serve as a Trustee at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and to be appointed as Chairman of the Facilities and Finance Committee that oversees the Academy’s budget which exceeds $50 million.

I am a lifelong Republican and am proud to be with the party of Lincoln and Reagan.  I am a Constitutional conservative in the spirit of the great John Adams, one of my intellectual heroes, and believe staying true to the Massachusetts and U.S. Constitutions is essential to our future prosperity and posterity.  I am not a newcomer to politics, having been a member of the Republican National Lawyer’s Association in DC, the DC GOP, and a Republican candidate for Congress in the Massachusetts Ninth Congressional District in 2014.

I am running for Attorney General because the office has become too politicized, has lost its legal compass, and has forgotten those it is supposed to serve.  As the next Attorney General, and first Republican to hold the position in nearly 50 years, I will direct the office to focus on people and not politics.

I will direct the office to confront 21st Century threats like the opioid crisis and cyber-crimes.  Under my leadership, the office will crack down on the drug traffickers in our communities, so that our families, friends and neighbors can feel safe again in their homes and know that their children are protected.  It is truly heartbreaking to see our friends and neighbors suffer so much on account of the drug crisis.  Together, we will defeat this scourge that has ruined and taken too many good lives.   We can do better than this, and we will.

I will strengthen the Cyber-Security Division of the AG’s office, which will be fully dedicated to working with our state and local instrumentalities, as well as our world-class private sector to ensure that our personal information being held by private, and governmental institutions is protected from cyber-attack. We will accomplish this by utilizing existing resources, and do so without expanding the office’s budget.

I will restore integrity to the office, ensuring that it follows the Massachusetts and U.S. Constitutions, so that our people will be safe and protected under the law. This includes enforcing—not thwarting—our immigration laws, and not encroaching on the civil rights of our law-abiding citizens.  I will not pick and choose which civil rights to protect, and contrary to the current attorney general, I will make sure an individual’s right to bear arms under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is protected.

Furthermore, under my leadership, the office will also ensure the Commonwealth is tough on fraud and corruption, utilizing federal and state false claims act statutes, and aggressively rooting out public corruption wherever it exists.  Our citizens need to be assured that their hard-earned tax dollars that go into programs like MassHealth are protected from being stolen through, for example, fraudulent reimbursement billing schemes.

Moreover, the AG’s office will be operated with integrity, and I will not tolerate improper conduct by any attorneys or employees working within the office.  Recent reports of the office’s conduct in concealing key evidence from court proceedings is very concerning to me, and would not be tolerated by my office under any circumstances.

With your help, I will put my background, skills, values, and passion for Massachusetts to work for you as your next Attorney General.  Please support my campaign to bring common sense, integrity and the rule of law back to the AG’s office of our great Commonwealth.