What say you, Steve?


An Obama-appointed federal judge, Timothy Black, recently blocked an Ohio law that would prevent abortions for fetuses with a Down Syndrome diagnosis. The lawsuit, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and several abortion clinics throughout Ohio, including Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio, was in response to a bill passed by the state legislature and signed by Governor John Kasich. The … Read More

Pat Miles sells out, offers blunt support for marijuana in Michigan


Legalizing marijuana in Michigan has become a hot topic in the Democratic race for attorney general. And recently, Pat Miles has capitulated to his primary opponent, Dana Nessel, in support of legalization. This is a significant change for Pat Miles. The former federal prosecutor previously refused to actually take a position on legalizing marijuana, only saying he would enforce the laws the voters … Read More

Does Hillary Clinton supporter – Sean Shaw – think Florida is “backwards”?

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We know Hillary Clinton lost Florida. Now we know why she thinks she lost Florida. Hillary described Trump voters as people that “…didn’t like black people getting rights… women… getting jobs…”. Hillary believes the millions of Floridians that voted for Trump want to go “backwards”. Enter Democratic attorney general candidate, Sean Shaw. He worked hard to get Hillary elected in … Read More



Hillary Clinton just attacked the 1.2 million Trump voters in Colorado, calling them “backwards”. Specifically, Hillary described Trump voters as people who “…didn’t like black people getting rights… women… getting jobs…”. What does her former colleague, Colorado Democratic attorney general candidate, Phil Weiser, have to say to the 1.2 million Coloradans Hillary just insulted? Does he agree with her? Phil … Read More

Does Steve Dettelbach believe Ohio is “backwards”?


In an interview speaking (yet again) of her failed Presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton summed up 2016 voters like this… “The coasts” and places that voted for her are “moving forward”. “All that red in the middle where Trump won” are “backwards”. That’s not all, for good measure, Hillary described Trump voters as people who “…didn’t like black people getting rights… … Read More



512,058 Nevadans voted for Donald J. Trump. Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton insulted ALL of these people – simply because they voted for Trump. Hillary said those that voted for Trump, did so, because they “…didn’t like black people getting rights… don’t like women, you know, getting jobs…”. Enter Nevada Democratic attorney general candidate, Aaron Ford. In 2016, Ford endorsed … Read More

Does Hillary Clinton donor – January Contreras – agree that Arizona is “backwards”?


Well, let’s clarify. Hillary Clinton only thinks the states that voted against her in 2016 are backwards. (That’s you, Arizona.) Hillary specifically believes the 1,252,401 million voters in Arizona that cast a ballot for Donald J. Trump, “didn’t like black people getting rights… don’t like women, you know, getting jobs…”. Hillary Clinton folks! Blaming millions of people for her election … Read More

Hillary said what? Does Josh Kaul agree with his boss?


Did you hear what Hillary Clinton said about Trump voters yesterday? I bet Josh Kaul did. If you missed it, Hillary said Donald J. Trump won because of “all that red in the middle” … i.e. Wisconsin. Are you listening yet, Josh? Hillary then made it crystal clear her despicable “basket of deplorables” comment during the 2016 campaign was not … Read More

Aaron Ford, answer your phone


Disgraced former state Sen. Mark Manendo contributed $13,500 to Nevada Senate Democrats in 2016. Guess who ran the Senate Dems in 2016? Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford. Ford took money from Manendo and now he refuses to donate or return the dirty money. In fact, he won’t even return a phone call. This is the same Aaron Ford who recently … Read More

Colorado Democrats are hoping it just goes away…


The scandal surrounding Backpage.com is not new – they have long been accused of facilitating human trafficking and sexual exploitation. What is new – keeping the money and ignoring the press. That’s right, disgraced Backpage.com executives have been generous Democratic donors over the years. That includes a hefty $70,000 for the Colorado Democratic Party. Many of the Democratic beneficiaries of Backpage.com … Read More