Sean Reyes


Sean Reyes is the 21st Attorney General for the State of Utah.  In what has been coined a landslide victory, General Reyes received over 60 percent of the vote in the 2014 general election. On January 5, 2014, at age 42, Reyes took the oath of office once again under officiator and Utah Supreme Court Associate Justice Thomas R. Lee. During his culturally diverse inauguration ceremony and speech, Reyes reaffirmed the Utah Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) focus on returning to being a law office and not a political one; and on legal excellence, professionalism, and the AGO’s priority to defend the citizens, businesses and laws of Utah.


In just one year, Reyes has won back confidence in his office from leaders in politics, education, business, law and, most importantly, from Utah citizens. In the first months of his administration, by commissioning outside investigations and audits to shine a light on even the possibility of misconduct in the AGO, streamline budgets and expenditures, and improve infrastructure and client satisfaction, Reyes quickly reestablished credibility at the highest ranks of the office with an outstanding 90 percent client satisfaction audit result last fall.


The AGO, under the Reyes Administration, has the support of mayors, councilmen and commissioners state wide and critical law enforcement relationships have been repaired with sheriffs, police chiefs and federal partners like ICE and the DEA. Among his peers in the legal community, Reyes has been applauded by county attorneys, judges and lawyers for focusing his office on the Rule of Law and not political agendas or special interests.


At the time of his first inauguration, several cases of national interest, including those regarding the definition of marriage, polygamy and immigration were awaiting his direction and leadership. While very emotional and potentially divisive in nature, Reyes has approached each case with the same sense of dignity, professionalism, exceptionalism, duty and respect that won him numerous awards and recognitions throughout his legal career. Along with many upgrades to infrastructure, technology and efficiencies to make his legal teams even better, he organized a Constitutional Law Section to support the Utah AGO with many of the critical issues it has already faced and is likely to face in the
near future.


In addition to his legal career and volunteer service, Reyes has been very involved in Utah politics. He has served as a county, state and national delegate for the Republican Party and a member of the State Central Committee (the governing body of the Utah Republican Party). He served several terms as a leader in his local precinct and was appointed by Governor John M. Huntsman and re-appointed by Governor Gary R. Herbert to serve as one of the youngest members of the prestigious Third District Judicial Nominating Commission.  He spent several years on a National Congressional Commission started by President George W. Bush. Appointed by Congress and the President of the United States, Reyes conducted public hearings throughout the country to advise the Administration and Congress on Latino issues, including a National Museum of the American Latino.

Reyes and his wife, Saysha, currently live in Cottonwood Heights and are the proud parents of 6 children between the ages of 4 and 16. In his free time, he enjoys playing morning basketball, coaching his kids in youth football, baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer, taking walks or doing anything with Saysha, watching Sports Center, attending and speaking at Comic Cons, as well as cooking, shooting guns and watching mixed martial arts (now that his fighting
days are over