Brad Schimel


Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel was elected in November 2014. A career prosecutor, Schimel served 25 years in the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office, eight of them as the elected District Attorney. Schimel’s distinguished career includes recognition from the Wisconsin Association of Victim and Witness Professionals, as “Wisconsin Professional of the Year” for his work on behalf of survivors of sexual assault.

Schimel now leads Wisconsin’s Crime Victim Council, which is focused on expanding resources for victims of human trafficking and the hiring of a Human Trafficking Resources Coordinator. Schimel also leads Wisconsin’s Sexual Assault Response Team, which recently finished creating a rape kit test protocol and is now coordinating campus sexual assault efforts.

Schimel has made the battle against the opiate epidemic his top priority. In his first nine months as Attorney General, Schimel’s office has established extensive partnerships with the medical community and launched a large scale statewide prescription painkiller abuse prevention campaign called “Dose of Reality.” He also hosted a statewide multidisciplinary opiate summit.

Early on, Schimel created an Office of Open Government at DOJ and hosted an Open Government Summit to address potential improvements to Wisconsin’s open government laws.

In addition to working to keep Wisconsin families safe from dangerous criminals, Attorney General Schimel enforces the rule of law on behalf of our state’s manufacturers, small business owners, farmers, and hard working families against federal government overreach. Schimel is currently representing the state of Wisconsin in its lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules restricting carbon emissions and vastly expanding its authority over intrastate waterways.

Since taking office, Schimel has defended state laws making Wisconsin a right to work state; requiring voters to show an ID at the polls; and requiring drug testing for food stamp recipients. Attorney General Schimel believes in enforcing and defending the laws as enacted by the legislature and protecting the rights of its citizens.

Schimel lives with his wife, Sandi, and their two daughters, Mackenzie and Hailey, in the Town of Genesee in Waukesha County. Schimel is a Harley-Davidson enthusiast and plays bass in a classic rock band.