RAGA Releases New TV Ad in Wisconsin: “Results”

Lee RussellNews

The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) released a new TV advertisement in Wisconsin, “Results,” that highlights a serious problem Attorney General Brad Schimel solved in just three years. Brad Schimel’s major accomplishment, testing over 4,100 sexual assault kits, stands in stark contrast to Josh Kaul. The “DC Liberal” simply cannot be trusted.

Brad Schimel has been a Wisconsin prosecutor for nearly 30 years, so he has always cared more about results over talk,” said RAGA Communications Director Zack Roday. Attorney General Schimel’s been focused on keeping Wisconsin schools safe, protecting the elderly, and now he’s completed a 20-year problem in just three years – testing over 4,100 sexual assault kits. Meanwhile, Josh Kaul is nowhere to be seen or heard in Wisconsin. The choice is simple for voters: Brad Schimel’s proven record of results, or a DC insider with no experience in Wisconsin. Josh Kaul cannot be trusted to keep Wisconsin communities safe.”

Watch “Results” here.