RAGA Launches School Safety TV Ad in Wisconsin AG Race: “Mothers”

Lee RussellNews

The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) has launched a new TV ad in Wisconsin on Attorney General Brad Schimel’s efforts to promote school safety. The ad, “Mothers,” features Wisconsin mothers praising the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s school safety grant program and how they trust Schimel to protect their children. The ad will run for three weeks.

“Attorney General Brad Schimel has a nearly 30-year career of keeping Wisconsin communities safe,” said RAGA Communications Director Zack Roday. “He sees a problem and fixes it. His school safety initiative gives local districts the ability to make physical security upgrades and develop mental health programs. Brad Schimel cares about every single Wisconsin community; he will do whatever it takes to keep people safe, that’s why he’s supported by 63 Sheriffs – including 12 Democrats.”

Watch “Mothers” here: https://youtu.be/OwGacftc_cg


“Our Attorney General Brad Schimel is protecting our schools.”

“Everyone was talking about school safety. But I was worried no one would actually do something.”

“Then, Brad Schimel got to work and started installing new security features in schools, adding $100 million to protect our kids. I trust Brad Schimel because he has their safety at the top of his list.”

“I know Wisconsin schools are safer because of what Brad Schimel is doing as Attorney General”