Governor Larry Hogan Endorsed Craig Wolf for Attorney General

Lee RussellNews

Governor Larry Hogan, the most popular governor in America, recently threw his support behind Craig Wolf to be Maryland’s next Attorney General. Craig Wolfe is not a career politician. Instead, he is a committed to public service with a proven record of delivering results. Craig has worked tirelessly as a federal prosecutor to prosecute child pornography and human trafficking. As a decorated Army veteran, Craig Wolf understands what it means to defend the Constitution and uphold the rule of law.

As seen in Maryland Matters:

“And on the endorsement front, [Governor] Hogan this week endorsed Craig Wolf, the departing CEO of the Wine & Spirits Retailers Association and a former Maryland prosecutor, for state attorney general. ‘Craig isn’t a career politician,” he said. “As a prosecutor, he put child abusers and human traffickers behind bars. As Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee he worked to pass bipartisan legislation to protect the most vulnerable in society. After 9/11, he joined the Army at the age of 40 and deployed to Afghanistan when he was 49. That’s the commitment to public service we need and deserve from our Attorney General.’”