Post-Crescent: Brad Schimel holds roundtable in Outagamie County


Attorney General Brad Schimel continues his 72-county tour to discuss public safety with Law Enforcement and community leaders. He is committed to having conversations all across the state with Wisconsinites that care about safety in their towns, villages and cities.

This visit to Outagamie County was the 48th county Schimel has visited in the past year to discuss public safety issues. He is visiting more this week. At these roundtables, Schimel highlights problems and solutions from each county. Public safety concerns differ from county to county, making it critical for the Wisconsin Department of Justice to be responsive to public safety needs at the local level.

WATCH the video here, or read below.

Schimel: “This is the 48th county public safety roundtable that we’ve done. We’ve been all over the state. We have concrete things come out of these. We want to hear what’s working, what’s not working. How can we help out from State Government. Maybe by helping is staying out of the way, whatever the case may be we want to learn about it. What are your needs? And, I do want to hear about successes and I know you have many of them in Outagamie County. And, I do want to hear about those, too, because there are a lot of other counties that are hungry for answers. By getting there (all over the state) and interacting like this we have these conversations and I often share what I learned in other counties and I know some of them are able to take that and try to make some of those things work there (for them).”