Brauchler: “You should never be able to run the clock out on justice.”


District Attorney George Brauchler, and a Republican candidate for Attorney General of Colorado, believes sexual assault laws in Colorado need to change.

CBS4 in Denver reports:

“The way that law is written right now, people can get together and keep a secret from those who may be able to lend help to a sex assault victim. And if you can keep that secret for 18 months and day, you can avoid all criminal responsibility.”

Brauchler says the statute of limitations should start from the time the abuse is discovered not reported. A bill by Fields would do just that, “If we’re not fighting for our kids and protecting our kids then we’re protecting institutions.”

Colorado’s largest teachers union, the Colorado Education Association, and Catholic church oppose the bill. The church says it creates an indefinite statute of limitations. But Brauchler says it’s still 18 months. The clock just starts ticking from the time of discovery.

“You should never ever be able to run the clock out on justice and that’s what this bill is about,” said Brauchler.