Colorado Democrats are hoping it just goes away…


The scandal surrounding is not new – they have long been accused of facilitating human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

What is new – keeping the money and ignoring the press.

That’s right, disgraced executives have been generous Democratic donors over the years. That includes a hefty $70,000 for the Colorado Democratic Party.

Many of the Democratic beneficiaries of donations have donated the dirty money to a charity. Not the Colorado Democratic Party.

Enough is enough.

The Washington Examiner writes:

Despite raking in $70,000, more than any other state party, the Colorado Democratic Party has said nothing about whether it plans to unload the dirty money, even as #MeToo continues to sweep the nation, and even as scandal continues to plague Backpage. To add another layer, five Democrats are currently battling it out for their party’s state attorney general nomination, an office in which they would oversee investigations of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, crimes Backpage is alleged to have facilitated.

Colorado Democrats need to stop hiding. They need to stand up and do the right thing.