On Monday, Susan Hatfield announced she may run for attorney general of Connecticut.

On Wednesday, she was called a racist enabler.

A top adviser to Governor Dannel P. Malloy and former state representative, Michael Lawlor, tweeted: “Wow, Connecticut gets its first full-force racist enabler candidate for Attorney General.”

Lawlor just called 673,215 Trump voters racist enablers. That is wrong.

Susan Hatfield is running for attorney general because she is genuinely concerned about Connecticut and believes she can make a difference.

I’ll let you in on a secret Lawlor, people can disagree with you – they can hold different views than you – and they can still be good people.

You might even like many of the 673,215 people across Connecticut you just insulted.

Fact is, we need more citizens – like Susan Hatfield – who love their communities and have the experience to make a difference running for public office.

“This is not complicated. The Republican Attorneys General Association is demanding Michael Lawlor apologize to Susan Hatfield, and to the nearly 700,000 people in Connecticut he stereotyped.” – Republican Attorneys General spokesman Zack Roday