Where’s the money?


A few months ago the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Democratic Attorney General Association (DAGA) announced they are gearing up to elect a “new wave of Democratic attorneys general in 2018”. A recent report from VICE News details the struggles they may have on this front.

SHOT: From DAGA’s website: “And together (DNC and DAGA), we are paying attention to a number of key races that are crucial for us to compete in and win.”

CHASER: “The DNC promised $10 million to rebuild state parties, it has not delivered” according to a report from VICE News.

Awkward. Someone should let DAGA know the DNC is not going to be there to bail them out this election season. The question is, what is DAGA going to do now? The first test will be their 2017 fundraising numbers, be sure to ask DAGA how their numbers are looking.

VICE News reports:

Last July, eight months after the Democratic Party experienced one of its most devastating defeats in history, DNC chairman Tom Perez announced an “unprecedented” rebuild of the party from the ground up with a $10 million fund dedicated to state parties. That fund could provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to each state party, an enormous sum for often cash-strapped organizations.

In fact, the DNC didn’t even have $10 million on hand as of November 30 and declined to comment on whether it had the money now. And even if it did, it wouldn’t distribute the money right away, frustrating state party officials who are anxious about the coming midterm elections and describe the effort to rebuild as slow and halting.

“One of the lessons learned of the prior decade is if you underinvest in your in-state infrastructure, then you fail,” David Pepper, the head of Ohio’s Democratic Party, told VICE News.