Steve Dettelbach’s in DC – his home away from home


In a few hours, former Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell will host a fundraiser for Steve Dettelbach’s campaign for Ohio attorney general.

Dettelbach knows Mayor Campbell well. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Cleveland, Dettelbach prosecuted a bribery scheme that involved a scholarship fund Mayor Campbell set up.

The mayor was not charged, but the facts are clear: $25,000 was sent by the engineering company Camp, Dresser & McKee to Campbell’s scholarship fund.

In a taped recording, the two men who ended up in federal prison for orchestrating this bribery scheme, said: “Honestly, Nate, between you and I… nobody is going to give up $25,000 unless something is in return.” 

So, write a big check to Mayor’s scholarship fund and in return, you get a bigger portion of the government contracts. Utilities Director Julius Ciaccia – at the center of this scandal was also not charged. But, he was promoted by Mayor Campbell.

Fast forward to today, and Dettelbach is raising money at the DC home of this very mayor. What a world.

“Dettelbach already has problems with voters in his back yard because of his record in Cuyahoga County. Before November, the rest of Ohio will know about it, too.” –Republican Attorneys General Association spokesman Zack Roday