Aaron Ford is confused about the law, again


WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s true, Aaron Ford, a Democrat seeking the Nevada’s Attorney General Office is upset Attorney General Adam Laxalt followed the law. We all know Ford really wants to be Governor and then President, but this is getting ridiculous…

Last year, Ford was testifying before the State Senate Committee on Judiciary when he admitted he did not know what larceny means.

Ford said [with video]: “Not being a criminal lawyer, I can’t speak to what larceny even means, frankly. I just can’t.”

As attorney general, Ford is going to need to understand criminal law; he may also want to freshen up on a critical responsibility of the job — you know — following the law.

Victor Joecks, from the the Las Vegas Review-Journal, writes:

He’s not the only one making problematic statements. Rep. Dina Titus tweeted, “Wondering why our Secretary of State handed over data to this sham commission created to disenfranchise and why our AG didn’t try to stop it???” Yes, that’s the original punctuation.

In response, Democratic candidate for attorney general and state Sen. Majority Leader Aaron Ford tweeted, “That’s a great question.”

Really? It’s not clear why Attorney General Adam Laxalt didn’t stop Cegavske from following the law? Maybe it’s because the job of Nevada’s chief law enforcement officer is to follow the law. If Ford doesn’t like that, he shouldn’t be running for attorney general.

Araujo and Ford should either apologize or abandon their bids for higher office.

At the bare minimum, Nevada needs elected officials who will follow the law.

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