Mattei is more of the same, not right for Connecticut


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Soon after Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen said he will not seek re-election, Democrat Chris Mattei announced he is running for the Office of Attorney General. In response, Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Executive Director, Scott Will, released the following statement:

“Chris Mattei wants to double-down on the failed tax-and-spend policies that have crippled Connecticut. The economy is sputtering, jobs and companies are leaving, more of the same is not a solution.

“Connecticut does not need an activist attorney general, and they certainly do not need one who says one thing and does another. It’s time for a fresh start in Connecticut. Job creators will drive Connecticut’s economic recovery, not repeating the failed policies of the past. The next attorney general can be a part of the solution, by creating a climate of regulatory certainty.”