Ten State Coalition Backs President Trump On Sanctuary Cities Order

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Republican Attorneys General are leading the fight against sanctuary cities. Ten AGs, led by Texas, filed a court brief in support of President Trump’s executive order that directs the federal government to ensure municipalities comply with laws prohibiting sanctuary cities. States that filed the brief include attorneys general from Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: “President Trump’s Executive Order is fully constitutional and a large step toward public safety. If law enforcement authorities have policies of not cooperating with federal immigration authorities, dangerous criminals will unlawfully remain in the country, travel freely between states and continue to evade the justice system. Governments have a duty to protect their citizens – it is imperative that we honor federal laws and cooperate with ICE detainers to keep our communities safe.”

West Virginia Attorney General & RAGA Chairman Patrick Morrisey: “The establishment of sanctuary cities undermines the rule of law,” Morrisey said. “We need to equip law enforcement with the tools they need to cooperate with federal law enforcement and ensure public safety.”

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry: “This is not a political issue; it is a public safety issue,” said General Landry. “Cities and their leaders who engage in sanctuary city policies undermine the safety of our citizens. Sanctuary policies obstructing cooperation with federal agencies defy the rule of law. The President’s executive order aims to protect Americans from these reckless and illegal practices. The President and Congress can enforce this executive order while still respecting the role of states in our constitutional structure. For the safety of our people, I hope the court follows the Constitution and dismisses these lawsuits.”

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