Liberal Josh Kaul Is Wrong for Wisconsin

Washington, D.C. – The Republican Attorneys General Association released the following statement regarding Democrat Josh Kaul's announcement that he will run for attorney general of Wisconsin:


“Josh Kaul is an unaccomplished lawyer who is hoping to use his family connections to climb the political ladder," said Scott Will, Executive Director of RAGA. "In addition to lacking Wisconsin experience, Kaul is a far-left activist lawyer who sued to kill the State of Wisconsin’s popular Voter ID law. Wisconsin is thriving under its conservative leadership, and the attorney general's office is no place for a lightweight political activist. Kaul's candidacy also speaks to how thin the Wisconsin Democratic bench is after sustaining multiple losing election cycles.

“Attorney General Brad Schimel has served the people of Wisconsin well during his time in office by cracking down on domestic violence, internet predators, and human traffickers. He has also led the charge against the opioid abuse epidemic in Wisconsin. A former longtime district attorney with over 20 years of experience as a prosecutor, General Schimel understands the needs of Wisconsin law enforcement, and will always put public safety over politics. RAGA will support Brad Schimel in his re-election bid, and make sure the people of Wisconsin learn all about Josh Kaul’s unimpressive record.”


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