Doug Robinson: Sean Reyes — Out of the ’hood, into the AG's office

SALT LAKE CITY — As many in political circles know, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes debuted his talents a year ago when the Republican National Committee named him one of the party’s four rising stars. He flew to San Diego to accept the award and was the first in line among the honorees to be interviewed by national political reporter Mark Halperin. That was a mistake. Reyes was such a tough act to follow, that no one followed.

Attempting to refute the boring reputation of Republicans, Halperin asked Reyes, a man who grew up in the ’hood, if he could rap. Reyes took it from there.We’re the partners of rhyme, the legion of doom / when we’re on stage, sucka, emcees make room for us … cause they know we’re the best, I’m the Pineapple Crush, she’s the emcee Kid Fresh / So when we’re on the mike, we never lose a fight / in the light of day or the still of night. …” Egged on, he followed that with a Maori war dance and an Elvis impression in which he sang “Love Me Tender.”

Halperin didn’t bother with the other three interviews, and Reyes’ performance became an Internet hit.

At 44, Reyes lacks the guardedness and cynicism that might infect most men who have spent two decades witnessing the worst in human behavior. There are days when he leaves the office with tears in his eyes because of the “destruction, carnage and dysfunction” he sees, but he’s just optimistic enough to believe his work is making a difference.

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