Aaron Ford’s Anti-Second Amendment, Pro-Criminal Stance Is Wrong For Nevada

Nevada State Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford is rumored to be eyeing a run for attorney general. Ford is an ambitious politician and went so far as to cover up a sexual harassment scandal to further his legislative agenda. Unfortunately, Ford’s failings are not only ethical, but his legislative record also reveals a far-left ideology out of touch with the average Nevadan.

“In this session alone, Aaron Ford pushed two bills to restrict the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens,” said RAGA Executive Director Scott Will. “Ford wanted to preemptively take away the right to keep and bear arms from people who had not even been convicted of a crime. Even worse, Aaron Ford sponsored legislation to gut the Castle Doctrine, which enables people to protect themselves from home invaders. Nevada does not need an attorney general who attacks the rights of the law-abiding while making life easier for criminals.”


            •          Ford sponsored a bill this year, SB 387, which would allow a law enforcement officer or an immediate family member to request a court hearing to decide if your Second Amendment rights should be taken away from you. Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson, R-Henderson, said he was concerned the bill was overly broad and may infringe on Second Amendment and due process rights. He compared the bill to “Minority Report,” a futuristic 2002 Tom Cruise film with law enforcement officers who arrested people before they commit murders because their crimes were predicted. Daniel Reid, a lobbyist with the National Rifle Association, said the “bill takes away Second Amendment rights” and has a low standard for evidence. The bill passed in the Senate but was not picked up in the Assembly. 

            •          Ford sponsored legislation this year to undermine the Castle Doctrine, the protection from civil litigation if a home dweller uses force against a home invader. “Yet, while many lawmakers look to protect their law abiding citizens, many on the left want to ensure that it is the CRIMINALS that are protected from the law-abiding gun owners when said criminals are undertaking in their crimes. Which brings us to Nevada SB 254 and State Senator Aaron Ford.” He later decided to drop this bill for further consideration.

See more about Aaron Ford's dismal record here


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