Aaron Ford Puts Politics Above Justice

Washington, D.C. – The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) released the following statement regarding Nevada Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford’s decision to sweep under the rug decades of sexual harassment complaints against fellow Democratic Senator Mark Manendo.

“It is rumored that Aaron Ford wants to be Nevada’s attorney general, the chief law enforcement officer of the state, but how can Nevadans trust Ford with this responsibility when he has shown he is willing to put his short term political interests ahead of his responsibility to protect victims of sexual harassment?" said RAGA Executive Director Scott Will. "It is clear Aaron Ford made a simple calculation: he needed Manendo’s vote, so Ford avoided punishing Manendo until Manendo was no longer politically useful. This is an unconscionable decision and disqualifies Ford from being a credible candidate for attorney general.”


On May 6th, an independent investigator was appointed to review sexual harassment claims against Manendo.

On May 8th, Manendo hired an attorney to defend himself against the charges. Ford did nothing.

On May 9th, Senate Republicans called for Ford to remove Manendo from his committee assignments and to release decades worth of the sexual harassment allegations against Manendo. Ford did nothing.

On May 22nd, Manendo resigned as chairman of the Transportation Committee. This move was meaningless because it came after Majority Leader Ford got his legislation through Manendo’s committee and thus no longer had any political use for Manendo.

Finally, with just hours left in the legislative session on June 5th, Aaron Ford finally got around to slapping Manendo on the wrist, with a weak "admonishment."

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