"Rule Of Law: Republican AGs Join GOP Election Wave"

By: Jessica Medeiros Garrison 

The message could not be clearer. The American people roundly rejected President Obama and his policies on election night. Up and down the ticket, Republicans claimed victory. What many consider to be the last line of defense against Obama and federal overreach, Republican attorneys general, bolstered their ranks. This is good news for the rule of law, to have more defenders as the states’ top lawyers.

All incumbent Republican AGs on the ballots were reelected. Additionally, the Republican candidates for attorney general won in both red and purple states. Leslie Rutledge in Arkansas, Brad Schimel in Wisconsin, Ken Paxton in Texas, Doug Peterson in Nebraska, Cynthia Coffman in Colorado, Mark Brnovich in Arizona, and Adam Laxalt in Nevada all claimed victory. These AG-elects vowed not only to uphold the rule of law within their states but also protect their citizens from this administration’s egregious overreach.

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